AIM // Istanbul Bilgi University

Around Istanbul Monthly/ Magazine Design

Magazine, created by and for international students in Istanbul

Coming to Istanbul as an international student a good friend, Adrian Nyhammer Olsen, and I decided to take our experiences and the stories we were able to tell onto a different platform. Having a different background, culturally and others, our view on Istanbul and its facettes never ceised to amaze us, leaving us with the wish to share this. In cooperation with the Istanbul Bilgi University's Faculty of Communication we published a monthly issue, featuring articles written by different contributors as well as illustrations.

We divided the magazines content into three parts: People, Places and Stories. We also featured recommendations and event announcements as well as editorial letters. The outcome was a magazine, that was as colourful, diverse and exciting as the city itself, often with a little smirk of satire.

We didn’t shy back from conversations about politics, cultural differences, LGBT and sexual harassment. We knew we were in a place where free speech is still nowhere near the western standard. It is, to this day still a project I’m immensely proud of. 

Editorial Design, Photography : Leon Farrenkopf                  Editorship in cooperation with Adrian Nyhammer Olsen