ljev. [ лев ]

Branding & Strategy

Athletics Academy

The goal of Athletics Academy is to spread a new form of daily exercise by taking it on as a philosophy, mindset and incorporated element of the day. They take inspiration from three different main influences: Mobility, Movement and Martial Arts. These were meant to have their own characteristic sequence, yet remain an overall feel of an art form and meaning beyond aesthetics.

Athletics Academy is meant to be the voice of Movement and Awareness in Germany. Start-to-Move is a camp organizer, representing the same values and offering people the possibility of spending up to 8 days in a workshop-like environment, where their world view will definitely will be challenged. 


We also created a lot of different photoshoots to highlight different forms of training, for example ring workouts and bodyweight exercises. 

The Start-to-Move-Camps are aiming to change every participants view on sports, awareness and mindset. The main goal for these image videos was to capture the state of awe and excitement of the attendees and spread the message. We concentrated on emotion and the reality of life changing events. None of this was scripted.