Book Design // Subzero Collective

Interventions - Visualizing Environmental Change 

The Subzero Collective is an organization, that functions as the connecting part in between the visual creator and scientists, in order to show, explain and visualize complex processes around ecological and social dynamics.

Our task was to show 5 years worth of workshops and scientific studies, all at different lenghts and structures.
Through the usage of a 13x 19 Grid and a single- column text body we were able to react to the diverse components and materials of each chapter.  We wanted to show the connection between visual creators and scientific facts, but also show the approach of creative research. The design of graphical elements are created to support the scientific facts, in an artistic and entertaining manner. 

The organizations goals to show economical change through visual design, is also shown through the editorial design of the book, in the lay-out as well as the graphical elements. Also the usage of eco- friendly paper supports this idea.

Lay- Out Marco Wesche   Graphics Leon Farrenkopf