Photobook Design

Yashica Diaries.

// Excerpt from the first page in the book:
Life is not about your fucking instagram account. You will not remember your stylish, photoshopped reality you proudly present on your social media. Because, quite frankly, it never happened. Our generation tends to over-aestheticize our everyday happenings so we can get more likes, more appreciation and more followers. This issue is about real snapshots out of our lives. No photoshop, just the sheer beauty of 35 mm film in a full automatic film camera, the legendary Yashica Super 3. This will be the nights and images we will remember, because we lived them. So here is an embracing, loving shout-out and toast to our days and nights in this world. Let it never be forgotten.
Dedicated to our memories.

Leon Farrenkopf

This books concept is to create and publish pictures we take with care and a full automatic Yashica T3 camera. It’s those kind of pictures you will look at when you are 50 and wish you could relive your twenties with those carefree simpler times. It’s a piece of nostalgia, made now to tear up later.
Ongoing project.